Covalence for June 2015

The Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology (LAFST) is preparing a unique interactive booth geared to youth and youth leaders at the ELCA National Youth Gathering to be held July 15 through 19 in Detroit.

Approximately 30,000 youth are expected to attend the Gathering, which is an event that is aimed at high school-age youth and takes place every three years. The theme is “Rise Up.” According to the theological mission statement for the event, youth “will learn that to ‘rise up’ doesn’t mean pursuing power or victory over another, but choosing weakness over power so that they might be together.”

The LAFST will host a variety of youth activities as a community partner at the event and an independent Lutheran organization affiliated with the ELCA that is dedicated to expanding awareness and promoting conversation about the implications of science and technology for Christian faith and life. The group also sponsors Covalence and this website.

The theme of the booth at the Youth Gathering is “Mythbusters.” Mythbusters refers to the popular television series that uses unique experiments to “confirm or bust” popularly held myths. The booth’s version of Mythbusters is busting myths about science and faith.

Youth and their leaders are welcome to put their “I wonder” questions to the test. The mythbusting booth will feature experiments, videos and quizzes that will challenge youth to confirm or bust a commonly held myth and see how it relates to more general faith and science questions. The curious can also come and ask questions about faith and science in a video booth in addition to testing their own faith and science assumptions via quizzes. Lastly, experiments will provide a hands-on challenge, with the goal of busing or confirming commonly held science myths.

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