Mythbusting Quiz: How many of these 10 Faith and Science questions can YOU get right?



Hello 🙂

Let’s talk Faith and Science 😀

“What?” 😯

“Those don’t go together” 🙁

“or do they?” 😕

Faith and science assumptions 😐

are they myth or fact? 😀

Start here 😎

1 / 10

THE MYTH – Science will soon be able to explain everything in the world and there will be no need to talk about God.

2 / 10

THE MYTH – Science is a valuable Christian vocation.

3 / 10

THE MYTH – Dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden

4 / 10

THE MYTH – The ELCA teaches there is a necessary conflict between science and faith

5 / 10

THE MYTH – Some archaeological discoveries confirm the historical existence of Kings David and Solomon and their descendants.

6 / 10

THE MYTH – The Theory of Relativity proves that everything is relative.

7 / 10

THE MYTH – Christians don’t need to care about the environment because God will take care of it. Besides, the world may end before the problems get really bad.

8 / 10

THE MYTH – Many scientists are people of faith.

9 / 10

THE MYTH – Finding life on another planet would disprove Christian faith.

10 / 10

THE MYTH – I can believe in the Big Bang and still be a Christian?

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