Susan is an author with a long-time interest in religion and science. She currently edits Covalence, the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology’s online magazine. She has written articles in The Lutheran and the Zygon Center for Religion and Science newsletter. Susan is a board member for the Center for Advanced Study of Religion and Science, the supporting organization for the Zygon Center and the Zygon Journal. She also co-wrote Our Bodies Are Selves with Dr. Philip Hefner and Dr. Ann Pederson.

As part of its monthly webinar series on Science, Religion and Society, IRAS will host author Jeremy Lent to discuss themes from his recent book, The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Place in the Universe.

The webinar will take place on Feb. 9 at 5:00pm EST. The event is free, but registration is required here.

Lent will discuss how a worldview that recognizes our interrelatedness with all of life is possible as opposed to a longstanding worldview that pits humanity at odds with the natural world. He will outline how modern scientific knowledge echoes the ancient wisdom of earlier cultures and will weave together findings from modern science with insights from Buddhism, Taoism and Indigenous wisdom.

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