Faith and Science Youth Curriculums

ThinkerThis curriculum, titled “Faith and Science,” is designed to help high school students think about the relationship between their faith and the science that so deeply impacts daily life today. Each of the three sessions present students with relevant, sometimes challenging scientific research and encourages lively activities and conversation about how their faith intersects with that information. You can download and use the resource as independently or as a whole unit.

You can download the entire resource curriculum.

Curriculum Leaders guide

This is an introduction to the program and an explanation of its contents and purpose. It also includes a suggested schedule, a list for further reading and a list of acknowledgements.

Download the Curriculum Leaders Guide


This contains all necessary materials for opening worship.

Worship Notes, Leaders’ Guide, and Program

Session 1
The leaders’ guide provides set-up and guidance information for the first session. Reproducible quotes and handouts are also provided.

Session 2
The leaders’ guide provides set-up and guidance information for the second session. It also includes a list of links to online resources and reproducible fact sheets.

Session 3
The leaders’ guide provides set-up and guidance information for the third session. The resource sheet is a tool for the leader to have information on hand for students in need of help.

Youth Catechism Supplement

Pillars of Creation“Talking about Science and God, Creator of Heaven and Earth” is a three-session confirmation module designed as a supplement to catechism teachings. The module comes from the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology and was written by Pastor George Murphy with Mr. Jeff Fitzkappes. The sessions introduce students to the human brain, human origins, and the concepts of evolution and creation.

Download the full curriculum.

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