Susan is an author with a long-time interest in religion and science. She currently edits Covalence, the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology’s online magazine. She has written articles in The Lutheran and the Zygon Center for Religion and Science newsletter. Susan is a board member for the Center for Advanced Study of Religion and Science, the supporting organization for the Zygon Center and the Zygon Journal. She also co-wrote Our Bodies Are Selves with Dr. Philip Hefner and Dr. Ann Pederson.

Creatures of culture and stardustIn the April issue of Covalence Dr. Phil Hefner writes, “We are creatures of stardust, some like to say. Biologically, we declare our kinship with all life forms that emerge in the primal soup, or the primal steam vents, or whatever original conditions are denoted by the various theories of life’s origins.” Certainly this reality has lead to very public debates such as the one held earlier this month between Bill Nye, former television host of the children’s show “Bill Nye, the Science Guy”, and Ken Ham, believer in young earth creationism and founder of The Creation Museum in Kentucky. Covalence, however, remains focused on piecing the complementary nature of religion and science and this February’s edition is focused on non-other than the story of human becoming as we mark the 205th birthday of Charles Darwin.

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence

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