With the emergence of the Omicron variant last November, we expected family gatherings to once again take a hit. 

But worship also continues to be impacted, and according to a new study, pastors are feeling the strain of the new variant in serving their congregations at the level at which they intend. 

Besides our ongoing COVID coverage, we also include a deep dive into the top of evolution in light of theology. Jay D. Johnson in this month’s Covalence outlines the complexities at the heart of evolutionary theory and the fall. 

Johnson brings his own unique perspective from his experience at BioLogos, founded by now retired NIH Director Francis Collins.  Johnson has asked the relevant and logical questions in a bid to bridge the gaps between science, Young Earth Creationism and the tragic loss of faith on the part of young people. 

He outlines concepts that are both coherent with science and faithful to theological inquiry. This is a continual aim of Covalence, which we know our readers continue to appreciate. We would like to wish you a blessed New Year and express our gratitude for your readership and interest in the real estate at the intersection of faith and science.

Susan Barreto
Editor, Covalence

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