This month we have published one of our longest and most comprehensive features looking at the history of the academic developments often discussed in faith and science circles.

James Miller once again has provided us with a road map, but this time he breaks down the extremely dense ideas of Wittgenstein and Whitehead in a way very few would ever attempt to do. The result is perhaps the closest one could come to a distilled and illustrated outline of the theological pressure points still relevant today in describing the relationality and the uncertainty of the whole enterprise of faith and science dialogue. He of course begins with the science

Also worth noting this month is our news section that includes updates on the AAAS DoSER program and from the Center for Theology in the Natural Sciences at GTU in Berkeley. Both programs are actively bringing scientists and theologians together for the greater good of faith communities and society as a whole.

Lastly, I urge you to look up and stay curious as we keep a watch for the awesome images from the James Webb Telescope. If you are wondering about the impact a series of images of space can have, I urge you to revisit this wonderful LSTC/CASIRAS lecture available on YouTube from Heidi Hammel, who is the Webb Interdisciplinary Scientist for Solar System Observations. She answers the questioned posed to her in a BBC interview, “Will the James Webb Telescope See God?” 

The question is one of many deep and enduring questions that are well worth considering in thinking about the intersection of faith, technology and the marvels of modern science. The work of putting together these ideas may feel as though one is headlong in the deep end of the swimming pool, but those active in this work will encourage you to do your best and just keep swimming anyhow.

Susan Barreto, Editor

Susan Barreto
Susan Barreto

Susan is an author with a long-time interest in religion and science. She currently edits Covalence, the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology’s online magazine. She has written articles in The Lutheran and the Zygon Center for Religion and Science newsletter. Susan is a board member for the Center for Advanced Study of Religion and Science, the supporting organization for the Zygon Center and the Zygon Journal. She also co-wrote Our Bodies Are Selves with Dr. Philip Hefner and Dr. Ann Pederson.

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