This month we pick up on the theme from this year’s religion and science Sunday effort from the Clergy Letter Project.

At my congregation, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Champaign, IL, we had faith and science themed children sermon as well as the main message from Pastor Lynette Chapman (an excerpt of which we include in this edition) that was augmented by a variety of images and opportunities to reflect where awe and scientific discovery intersect. In both this month’s feature and commentary we endeavor to find where our faith comes into these important moments in our modern life.

Lutheran Alliance steering committee member Bruce Booher, who was the behind the Clergy Letter Project’s theme for this year, shares with us his insights from his decades of exploration as a pastor and stargazer. He will share with us part two of his essay in a future issue.

Upcoming events and an accolade for a scientist keen on reaching out to faith communities are covered in our news section.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue.

Susan Barreto, Editor

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